The Kayanee World

A first of its kind collective experience. We help you find the sweet spot between what the mind wants and the body needs.


From Saudi Arabia to the World

We take inspiration from our culture and surroundings to create experiences that are both entertaining and motivating.

Our story

Why we’re on a mission to inspire and enable the balanced fitness of women.

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Our creations

Designed so you can look, feel and perform your best every day.

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Where to Find Us

Our Flagship

Join us at the ultimate luxury destination for women where purpose meets performance. Move to your inner beat at our fun and energetic Kayanee Dance Fitness classes.

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    Amazing hair, always

    Revive hair and skin health with our targeted solutions to bring the shine to your appearance. In our diagnostic sessions, our professionals will match you to the optimal treatment.

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    Silky smooth skin

    Personal ritual formulations created with attention to detail to bring you sensory pleasures from head to toe. Hear the best tips from our consultants for how to get silky smooth skin with minimal effort.

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    Healthy eating routine

    With a focus on ingredients micro-nutrient composition, the functional and inspiring recipes help reduce inflammation, boost performance and energy, and promote recovery to keep you going.

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Join our collective to move and be moved by what’s inspiring us, behind the scenes access and so much more.