Confirm Health Declaration

Health Declaration -

I, , hereby declare my current health status as follows:

I, User, hereby declare my current health status as follows:

With reference to my participation in the training and dancing program held by Kayanee company at Kayanee store number GC-15 at (‘’1364 AH mall”) at DQ.

I hereby understand and acknowledge that the training, programs, exercises, and activities held as part of the Dance Lab may expose me to potential risks from routine exercise, including accidents and injury.
Therefore, I assume all risk of injuries associated with my participation.

I undertake that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, I am in good health, fit and able to perform the various exercises and activities that will take place as part of the Dance Lab. I hereby acknowledge my responsibility in communicating any physical and psychological concerns that might conflict with participation in activity otherwise.

After having read this Undertaking and knowing these facts, and in consideration of acceptance of my participation, I agree – for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf – to hold harmless, waive and release Kayanee company, its officers, agents, employees, organizers, representatives and trainers from any responsibility, liabilities, demands or claims of any kind arising out of my participation in the Dance Lab training program and regardless of any complications.