The Kayanee Flagship, Riyadh

حرّكي لأسفل

Experience the Kayanee Collective today

Join us at the ultimate new destination in Riyadh, where you’ll find the best in movement, shopping, healthy eating, learning and wellness.

Designed to house the first integrated Kayanee experience, visit our flagship to discover our dance studios, in-store cafe, personalised diagnostics and shop the full collection. It’s a destination where you can build the best habits of your life

Move In The Studio

Turn exercise into a good time at our fun and energetic classes.

Say goodbye to one-dimensional workouts and hello to a world where fitness is being redefined!

Cutting-Edge Fitness

Far more than a traditional studio, we’re on a mission to make working out fun.

Grounded in the science of movement, our classes guarantee results. From energetic dance classes, to power walking and gentle stretching and mobility, we get your heart rate up and body moving.

With a focus on finding your inner beat, you’ll break a sweat, burn calories, improve flexibility and feel incredible inside and out.

Kayanee is more than just a physical workout, it is a step towards a more balanced lifestyle.

Bespoke Health Consultations

Combining scientific testing and consultations with comprehensive aftercare, our 360° approach to health and well-being keeps you looking and feeling your best from the inside out. 

Our experts analyze everything from your body composition to the health of your hair to create bespoke plans tailored to your unique needs, including nutrition advice, exercise recommendations, supplements, and more.

Nourish In-Store

Join us at our in-house juice bar and cafe to discover healthy, nutritious food with no compromise on taste.

Using nutrient dense, functional ingredients with a focus on the Mediterranean Diet, we’re here to make healthy eating easy and fuss-free. Enjoy supercharged coffee, superfood smoothies and our grab and go bowls designed to improve your immunity, gut health, hormones and more.

Fast, fresh, and definitely not boring, we’ve even created healthier alternatives to your favourites from protein pancakes to sweet treats

Where To Find Us

Kayanee Riyadh

4044 Al Imam Saud Ibn Abdul Aziz Branch Rd, An Nakheel, Riyadh 12382, Saudi Arabia