Introducing KDF - The New Dance Workout

January 15, 2024


The gym is not for everyone, but being healthy, finding a fitness community, and feeling good can be with KDF – here’s everything you need to know about this revolutionary new dance workout.

Kayanee Dance Fitness (KDF) is a revolutionary new workout designed for all fitness levels, combining dance moves with music from across the Arab world to offer an experience that is empowering for both the body and mind. The key to any activity is volume and consistency and with KDF and Kayanee’s holistic and measured approach to health and wellbeing, women from across the region can finally enjoy working out (and socializing!) in a space that provides a sanctuary from the daily grind.

We caught up with Kayanee’s Master Trainer, the tremendously personable and passionate Danyah Bedeeb, to find out how KDF could change your life…

Kayanee's master trainer, Danya Badeeb

Hi Danyah! First of all, tell us how KDF is different from other dance-based workouts.

Well, the Kayanee Dance Fitness method is based on Arabic rhythms as opposed to Latin so local women will be familiar with the music and know a lot of the words – they might know some of the moves, too.

Sounds great. What would you say to women who are shy, or have low confidence?

It’s all about the instructor – we must make you feel comfortable. We cue every move and hand gesture and which direction your leg should go in…your moves don’t have to be perfect from the beginning. Take it little by little and remember, you’re not performing in front of a judge – no one is marking you. Just listen to the music, which is amazing – all different rhythms inspired by the Arab region, North Africa, and the Gulf countries – and move your body and have fun!

How many classes per week do you advise and what should women wear?

I would say two to three classes of KDF per week will build a good baseline. Any comfortable workout kit and gym sneakers, but not running shoes as they don’t give you good balance. We will also be selling sneakers that are specifically designed just for dance with a smooth sole that allows you to slide into moves more easily.

And is there a particular KDF class you would recommend for new joiners to start with?

Kayanee 101 is a 60-minute introduction to the brand and our services. We will talk you through the whole set, how the class is structured, and the benefits of the workout. We end it by demonstrating the core, signature moves – it’s like a fifteen-minute party at the end! We also have a class called KDF Basic, which has a slower pace of music and doesn’t require as much coordination so you can pick up the moves very easily.

‘Enjoy the music, which is amazing – all different rhythms inspired by the Arab region, North Africa, and the Gulf countries – and move your body and have fun!’

What three things do you hope any participant of KDF will take away from the experience?

Happiness, more energy, and feeling like you’ve achieved something – just taking an hour out of your day for yourself can make a massive difference.

Exactly, because working out is so much more than losing weight or getting fit – it’s about mental wellbeing too…

As a mother, I really treasure just taking an hour out to run away from my responsibilities and switch off…to have fun and do something I know is both mentally and physically good for me – like feeding my soul!

Do you have any tips on how women can maintain good health at home, in between KDF or other classes at Kayanee?

Personally, I try to cut down on artificial sugar and aim for natural alternatives like raisins and honey. At Kayanee, we’ve created a protein bar with flavors inspired by the region – like cinnamon and cardamom.

It sounds like everything has been carefully considered and curated for the local community?

Exactly, that’s one of the reasons it is so special. Busy working women and mothers don’t have time to travel to different places so to have a space that offers everything – healthy eating, apparel, body and hair care products, and fitness all under one roof – is amazing. In the past, dance in Saudi was mainly only at weddings, not something you could present in public – from a cultural perspective it just wasn’t accepted. So, now with the support of the Ministry of Sport, this has all changed. For me, this is a dream come true.

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