At Kayanee we are on a journey to leave the planet a better place with transparency at the center of our sustainable vision. We are proud to work closely with our suppliers so we can communicate the origin of our key raw materials, ingredients and manufacturing methods. 
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Our Aims

We aim to develop and deliver all of our products in the most sustainable and positive way.

We are working towards 5 key pillars:

A cradle to cradle offer
Reducing packaging
Reducing water consumption
Using more sustainable materials
Buy better, buy less philosophy

A Cradle to Cradle Offer

Cradle to Cradle ensures that products remain in a continuous circuit, where there is no waste.

As part of our sustainability mission, we aim to design products with the conscious goal to promote a circular economy. Each stage of our product design, sourcing and production process has been considered against global Cradle to Cradle standards to ensure our products endure, timelessly.

We are working towards an entire collection of Cradle to Cradle Certified® products that are circular, sustainable and responsibly made.

Reducing Packaging

Even though we ensure that every Kayanee order you receive is packaged beautifully, to reduce impact we are making mindful choices around the packaging we create.

We aim to minimise packaging whenever we can, for both customers and during transportation. We are committed to developing sustainable packaging throughout our entire supply chain, reducing materials and eliminating single use plastic.

Reducing Water Consumption

At every stage of our production process we aim to conserve as much water as possible.

When choosing any supplier, we have a thorough selection process to ensure we work with manufacturers who utilise certified methods to reduce water consumption during production.

Using More Sustainable Materials 

Circularity is key to us at Kayanee.

We always prioritise fabrics and packaging that can be recycled to help reduce waste and ensure our products stand the test of time. From packaging to apparel, it all starts with raw materials. We’re on a journey to create products that care both for you and the planet.

To reduce waste and help preserve the environment for future generations, we aim to use naturally sourced or recycled materials that have been previously used and processed, as well as materials that can be recycled.

For example, all of the packaging used in our Restore collection is made using glass, PET, or aluminium that you can recycle with ease.

Buy Better, Buy Less 

When it comes to shopping, we’re all about quality over quantity. Together, we can reduce the environmental footprint linked to mass production and mindless consumption.

Opting for long-lasting, stylish, timeless products encourages longevity whilst discouraging throwaway culture, reducing waste along the way. 

This is about making choices that make a lasting impact. About investing in better quality products that stand the test of time, season after season.