The Kayanee Story

Welcome to the first of its kind collective experience


From Saudi Arabia to the World

Born in Saudi Arabia, our mission is to inspire and enable the balanced fitness of all women, helping you find the sweet spot between what the mind wants and the body needs.

Pursuing all things well and being. Join Kayanee for a fun filled adventure where you can Move, Wear, Restore, Nourish, Thrive, and Learn to build the best habits of your life.

Move And Be Moved

Discover the joy of movement and find your inner beat. We believe working out should be fun for everyone. This is why we’ve created Kayanee Dance Fitness, to turn exercise into a good time.  

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The Kayanee Fit

After extensive customer research, we used state-of-the-art body scanning to capture data to create products that are just the right fit, designed to move with you wherever, whenever. 

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Connect To Your Body

Kayanee Thrive takes a customized approach to your health and wellness using innovative testing and comprehensive aftercare.

Our team of experts creates bespoke plans encompassing nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes, so you can look and feel your very best.

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We aim to develop and deliver all our products in the most sustainable and positive way.

We are working towards five key aims: 

A cradle to cradle offer

Reducing packaging

Reducing water consumption

Using more sustainable materials

Buy better, buy less philosophy

Transparency is at the centre of our sustainable vision. We know and can communicate the origin and source of our key raw materials, ingredients, and manufacturing methods. 

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