We aim to inspire women to achieve balanced fitness through movement. Our mission is to bring the fun into fitness, inviting you to discover your inner beat and join our dynamic and motivating Move classes. Get ready to move with energy and excitement!


Discover What Moves You 

Inspired by vibrant Middle Eastern rhythms and grounded in exercise science, our Kayanee Dance Fitness and Kayanee Movement classes produce results.

We collaborated with the global leaders in this field, Zumba® Fitness, to develop our Kayanee Dance Fitness and Kayanee Movement classes, drawing on experience from some of the most seasoned professionals in the industry. With a focus on finding your inner beat, we get your heart rate up and your body moving. Embrace the rhythm of your roots, and find the fun in your fitness routine, while moving your way towards a healthier and more confident you.

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    60-Minutes from 145 SAR  

    If you’re new to dance fitness, our KDF101 class is the perfect place to start. Your instructor will guide you through the basics of dance fitness, including the core rhythms and popular steps, all to an upbeat Middle Eastern-inspired soundtrack. Even better? Your first KDF101 class is on us. 

    What to expect 

    • 60-minute instructor-led group dance class in our studio 
    • A fun, heart-pumping introduction to the world of Kayanee dance
    • A full-body workout that tones and burns fat

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    Kayanee Movement 

    30 or 60-Minutes from 145 SAR  

    Flow through this gentle yet revitalising exercise class designed to improve mobility, strength, and flexibility. A specially curated soundtrack creates a serene atmosphere for a restorative but invigorating session, while your instructor leads you through movements designed to engage all major joints. 

    What to expect 

    • 30 or 60-minute instructor-led group movement class in our studio
    • A calming, restorative soundtrack to enhance both body and mind
    • Movements to promote strength, recovery, and flexibility 
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    60-Minutes from 145 SAR  

    This upbeat dance fusion class brings the best of both our KDF and Movement principles. The first 30 minutes are fast-paced and high-energy, packed with dance and movements to get you moving. This is followed by a more relaxed 30 minutes of gentle, mobility, and flexibility-boosting exercises.  

    What to expect 

    • 60-minute instructor-led group movement class in our studio  
    • A blend of high-energy dance and slower, strength-based moves  
    • A full-body workout that tones, burns calories, and aids strength and recovery 
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The Kayanee

Move Soundtrack 

Music is the heartbeat of our class, transforming exercise into a rhythm-infused experience.

Our exclusive music is crafted at renowned recording studios in the USA, established by world-class producers. All tracks are exclusive Kayanee creations featuring international recording artists from the Arabian Peninsula.

Each class incorporates these 3 different rhythms: 

Deeply rooted in KSA, Khaleeji’s feminine style of expressive arm and hand movements and graceful shapes provides a welcome respite during higher-intensity classes. 

Named after the primary drum used in belly dance music, our Darbuka interpretation brings a modern playful twist to this distinctive rhythm, lending itself to sensual self-expression.

Familiar and loved across the region, our Dabke features uplifting themes, perfect for high-cardio dance moves, adding joyful energy to your KDF session.

The Benefits of Kayanee Move 

Whether you’re a total beginner or you live and breathe fitness, you’ll reap the physical and mental benefits of our Move classes.

These include: 

  • A full-body cardio workout to boost overall fitness and lung and heart health.
  • Increased strength and flexibility through different techniques and movements. 
  • A fun, energizing way to burn calories and help with weight loss.
  • Releasing stress and tension for a happier body and mind. 
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Featured Instructors

  • Danyah Badeeb - Kayanee’s Master Trainer

    Danyah Badeeb 

    Kayanee’s Master Trainer Danyah Badeeb has over 10 years’ experience teaching dance classes, leading women’s running groups and delivering personal training sessions. Danyah has been instrumental in the development of the Kayanee Dance Fitness program.

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  • Rawaa Qanaq - Kayanee's fitness instructor

    Rawaa Qanaq 

    Rawaa Qanaq has been a fitness instructor since 2017, with a passion for teaching dance, yoga and pilates. An advocate for integrating physical activity into your daily life, her energy and joy in class is contagious. 

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  • Razan Abdulhay - Kayanee's dance and fitness instructor

    Razan Abdulhay

    A dedicated fitness coach with a bachelor’s degree in sport management, Razan Abdulhay has been teaching dance classes for the past four years. She’s passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals and ensures her classes are always fun and inclusive. 

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