The Kayanee Fit

Made for Saudi Women


Breaking the Mold

Our passion isn’t just about fitness: it’s about inspiring complete confidence and enjoyment with every step. It’s about redefining the expectations and what it means to move, starting with the unique shape of Saudi women.

Through extensive research we discovered Saudi women were frustrated with garments that neither fit nor flattered them and, worst of all, were uncomfortable. With the majority of fashion being designed for Western or Asian physiques, it’s no wonder. So, guided by our values of inclusive style and quality, we made it our mission to cater to the unique needs of women in the region.

No Compromises

Refusing to settle for generic sizing, we tapped into the power of science, AI and the latest digital technology. We scanned the bodies of hundreds of local women and captured and calibrated thousands of key data measurements, heights and proportions. Armed with all this information, we set about to modernize the size scale and to create clothing designed for today’s true body shapes.

And the result is clothing you’ll feel confident in with the fit you’ve been waiting for – No compromises.

The Science of Size

Finding clothes that fit can be difficult and activewear with its close-to-the body silhouettes is perhaps even more challenging. That’s why we took a scientific approach to develop accurate sizing charts and fit standards around your body. 

We paid attention to your unique inseam length, your chest sweep and your waist-to-hip ratio, so that no bend is restricted, no stride is restrained, no swing is reduced. Accurate, consistent sizing to unleash your inner beat and move.

Our Measurements

When finding the right size for you, keep in mind some of these special details:

Upper Body Shape
Similar widths and lengths used in USA and EU

Lower Body Shape
Curvier shape from waist to hip than USA and EU

Shorter overall compared to USA and EU by 8 cm

Shorter leg length compared to USA and EU

Bust and Underbust
Less fullness in the cup with similar band width to USA and EU

Lower Body
Curvier hip and thigh widths than USA and EU

Move Without Limits

New dimensions, new markers, a new standard built on the foundation of real data. The myth of the ‘one size fits all’ has been shattered. Our trailblazing study unearthed truths about women’s bodies and the unique shape of Saudi women today. You can feel confident that every single piece of Kayanee has been carefully considered and tested to deliver the perfect fit for you.

Kayanee’s collection is appropriately sculpted for the curves and proportions of the Saudi women. It isn’t just about size charts and measurements, it’s about comfort, confidence, and the freedom to move so you can feel beautiful and -most importantly – have fun while you’re at it.