Our Fabrics

We've scoured the globe to bring you the finest fabrics, designed to enhance your lifestyle and your workout. Our ethically sourced apparel seamlessly blends style and function, empowering you to move freely and confidently. Discover the key role our fabrics play in elevating your fitness journey and everyday life. Because this isn’t just about material – it’s about material that matters.
A girl in a long red dress showcasing the high-quality fabrics used by Kayanee


Fabrics Fit for Purpose

Enhance your workout with supportive fabrics designed to keep you cool and collected. Our technically advanced Active Range features breathable fabrics, high elastane for support, moisture-wicking, and UV protection.

We offer different compression levels to cover all your needs. Choose from Sculpting for maximum support, Freestyle for medium compression, or Glide for ultimate flexibility.

Sustainable Style

We're not just creating stylish apparel; we're leaving a lasting legacy for the planet. Partnering closely with our suppliers, we trace the origins and manufacturing methods of our fabrics, prioritizing environmental and social impact.

Committed to minimizing our footprint, we consider the use of natural resources, energy and water, and prioritize sustainability through the use of recycled materials meeting the Global Recycled Standard.

Materials for the Middle Eastern Woman

Our fabrics celebrate the modern Middle Eastern woman, reflecting her vibrant lifestyle. Featuring colors that complement your skin tone and lightweight materials for graceful draping or structured support, our collection enhances individuality without sacrificing performance.

No more heavy, stifling materials that hinder movement. With Kayanee, each piece harmonizes flexibility, support, coverage, and comfort, empowering you to effortlessly conquer any style challenge.

The Kayanee Quality Commitment

Our fabrics are meticulously chosen for enduring quality, allowing you to wear and cherish our pieces repeatedly. Rigorous testing ensures they maintain performance not only during wear but also throughout the care process, resisting fading, bobbling, or breakdown.

Our dedication to quality is evident in our partnerships with the world's finest mills, with 90% of our fabrics sourced from European mills, with a special emphasis on Italian craftsmanship. This commitment ensures each Kayanee piece is an investment, as we believe true luxury is the ability to cherish a garment over time. 

Where Wearability Meets Functionality

We're more than just workout gear; our pieces effortlessly transition from the gym to the streets. Our fabrics, chosen for varying stretch and compression levels, shape and support you during any activity, from dance classes to navigating the urban jungle. 

While the intricate details of our fabrics may not be visible, you'll undoubtedly feel their impact. From luxuriously soft materials engineered to wick away moisture and provide unmatched comfort to the lightweight, breathable elegance of our layering pieces offering coverage without clinging, this is where wearability meets functionality. 

Fair for All Fabrics

Transparency and ethical practices are not just words to us; they are the cornerstone of our ethos. Partnering with mills upholding the highest standards set by the International Labour Organisation, we rigorously audit our supply chain for fair wages, safe conditions, and environmental responsibility. 

We believe that the beauty of our products is inextricably linked to the well-being of those who make them. We know who creates our garments, our fabrics, and our trims. We meet the people behind the threads, and we ensure that their work is valued and appreciated.