Your New Beauty BFFs

January 22, 2024


Discover a carefully curated collection of specialist skincare and haircare, for a new beauty ritual that’s anything but routine. Celebrating a modern beauty philosophy, Kayanee’s Restore range was created to help enhance your natural beauty.

Your Essential Routine, Reimagined

Backed by science, and nourished by nature, Kayanee’s exclusive pH-balanced formulas have been specially developed with Saudi women in mind. A homegrown beauty concept, our holistic methodology treats both your skin and hair from top to toe, with an immersive philosophy that keeps you feeling aligned.

Soak up complexion-loving ingredients and hair-nurturing formulas, with each natural extract and powerful active selected to nurture, soothe, and regenerate.

Know exactly what goes into our luxe range, with Kayanee’s transparent tracing practices guaranteeing ethically sourced naturals, and scientifically-proven powerhouse ingredients.

Beauty Made For You

With a forward-thinking focus on preventative healing, Kayanee’s covetable body and haircare collection treats existing concerns, laying the specialized groundwork to thwart further damage.

From our humidity-repelling hair-styling range to hydration-boosting body oils and streamlining figure-contouring creams, each organics-infused product is dedicated to your complete well-being.

Your Perfect Fit

Designed to seamlessly fit in with your day, each Restore skincare step elevates your existing beauty rituals. We’ve carefully curated a luxurious collection of female-focused body and haircare products that streamline your routine for targeted results, revealing your effortless glow. Our Kayanee wellness insiders are on-hand at our in-store locations to find your perfect skincare line-up so your beauty routine can work both harder and smarter.

Skincare Tailored

Feel relaxed, realigned, and reenergized, with a tailored Restore bodycare routine that caters to you, with a lotion, cream, or oil for every skin type and texture concern, all made without parabens and sulfates for stress-free skin.

Rediscover deep hydration, with richly-scented creams which leave skin supple and soft. Tone skin texture with an innovative range of cellulite-smoothing, tautening, and brightening products to help streamline your silhouette. Bring the hammam home with scrubs and soaps inspired by Arabia’s time-honored tradition and honed by Kayanee’s luxe touch.

Clever Haircare

The immersive Restore haircare collection champions an all-over glow, with a haircare range that cleanses, conditions, treats, and styles.

Championing naturally sourced ingredients such as smoothing wheat protein, nourishing rosehip oil, detoxifying charcoal, strengthening linseed, curl-loving argan oil, and hydrating keratin, Kayanee has created a tailored solution for every hair type. Our cruelty-free shampoos and conditioners eschew unnecessary fillers and irritants, with keratin-safe, SLS-free, and color-fast formulas keeping your locks vivid, wash after wash.

Kayanee’s clever range of hair styling products helps keep strands smooth and curls glossy, with humidity-defying finishes designed for Saudi Arabia’s environmental stressors.

Your Signature Scent

A golden thread uniting the Restore collection, Kayanee’s signature Spicy Elixir fragrance reflects your irresistible magnetism. Boldly feminine, the exclusive parfum opens with dynamic top notes of lemon, juniper, and aromatic black pepper. Heart notes of dewy rose, spiced with precious saffron and cardamom nestle into a sensual base of velvety musk and woody amber, intertwined with soft suede and rich cedarwood.