A Totally Tailored Approach

We believe that enhancing your body and mind with a 360° approach is the key to being your best and healthiest self.
And because not one size fits all, it's about finding what's right for you.

That’s why Kayanee brings personalized health consultations, paired with cutting-edge science, comprehensive aftercare, and a range of supplements, to support you on your way to being a better you. Our bespoke health and wellness plans are tailored to your needs and are updated throughout the course of your Kayanee experience to keep you on track.

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Wellness From the Inside Out

Our science-backed skin, scalp, and hair testing looks inside to provide you with a powerful starting point in understanding how to improve your health and well-being.

  • Skin Analysis
    Unlock the secrets of your skin's well-being by delving into the effects of your diet, lifestyle, and products. Our experts look at everything from signs of aging to texture and UV exposure to create a personalised skincare routine designed exclusively for you, ensuring your radiant best.

  • Hair and Scalp Analysis
    Your scalp and hair are a window to your inner health and are affected by everything from deficiencies to diet. We analyze the condition of your scalp and the strength of your hair to determine the ultimate routine for a happy, healthy head. 

Ready To Live Better? 

Experience a comprehensive evaluation like no other. Our pioneering tests analyze your body composition, skin, hair, and scalp in unprecedented detail, with exceptional service and aftercare. Armed with these valuable insights, you'll receive personalized recommendations for every facet of your life, encompassing sleep, nutrition, supplementation, personal care, and exercise.

Get ready to live better with Kayanee Thrive. 

A woman seeking wellness guidance from Kayanee consultant

Your Pathway to Enhanced Wellness

  1. Consultation (45 or 60 minutes) 
    Our comprehensive one-to-one consultations use a personalized approach to the health and wellness of body and mind, delving into all aspects of your life and lifestyle to understand your unique needs. 
  2. Goals and Recommendations 
    Using your key vital metrics, our experts will create a bespoke plan to kickstart your wellness routine, as well as provide you with personalized recommendations encompassing nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle.
  3. Support and Aftercare
    Our relationship with you doesn’t stop there. We’re here every step of the way to provide long-term guidance, advice, and support to help you on your way to being a better, healthier you.
  4. Follow-up Consultations
     All our consultations include follow-ups to ensure you're staying on track. We’ll review your results and check in with your progress, helping you make the most of your Kayanee experience. 

The Benefits of Thrive

Scientifically proven
Our state-of-the-art testing is backed by science to ensure incredible results.

Exceptional Aftercare
Our team offers support and guidance throughout the process, helping you meet your goals faster and more effectively.

Knowledge is Power
By understanding the unique needs of your body, you’ll be empowered and educated to make better decisions to boost your health and well-being.  

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  • 60 Minute Wellness Consultation

    Our comprehensive 90-minute consultation evaluates everything from body composition, lifestyle factors, and nutrition, as well as skin, scalp, and hair health for a more holistic understanding of your body and its needs. Your nutrition expert will create a bespoke wellness plan tailored to your unique goals, promoting gut health, detoxification, and enhanced cellular function.


    • Use of state-of-the-art technology for a deeper look into your body.
    • Bespoke plan encompassing diet, lifestyle, exercise, and supplements.
    • Leading aftercare and follow-up consultations.
    • With each booking, you’ll receive 100 SAR of Kayanee credit.
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  • 45 Minute Nutrition Consultation

    Experience a premium 45-minute consultation with one of our leading nutrition experts. Using a comprehensive questionnaire and advanced tests, they’ll create a personalized plan covering everything from meal plans and nutritional advice to supplement recommendations and exercise. All with the aim of achieving optimal health by focusing on gut health, detoxification, and enhanced cellular function. 


    • Thorough bespoke analysis and insight into your body. 
    • Bespoke plan encompassing diet, lifestyle, exercise, and supplements.
    • Leading aftercare and follow-up consultations.
    • With each booking, you’ll receive 100 SAR of Kayanee credit.  
    Coming Soon

The Ultimate Wellness Routine

Thrive from the inside and out with our range of potent supplements. After extensive research, we designed our range around 10 common health and well-being issues including mood, hormone balance, stress, sleep, energy, and gut and heart health. 

Using high-quality natural ingredients from 100% traceable sources, each of our easy to take products is designed to fit in with your lifestyle. From juices, to powders, superfoods, gels, and shots, this is the modern way to stay well. 

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