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Sustainably made, ethically sourced, stylish, and supportive sportswear made for the Saudi woman.

Our Wear collection has been designed to support and contour your body. To move with you as you move.

Inspiring Movement

Embrace the freedom of movement with our lightweight, luxurious designs.

Meticulously crafted to evoke not just style but also an unrestricted essence of movement, our designs work seamlessly with your body – allowing you to move with comfort while being supported through every step of your day.

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We've done the hard work for you with our curated edit of clothing essentials to take you from dance class to boardroom and everything in between.

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From Studio To Street

Say goodbye to ill-fitting outfits and the stress of shopping. Our curated collection has been designed for wherever life takes you.

Our Core collection is all about everyday wear that redefines comfort and style, designed to take you from the workout studio to jet-setting across the globe.

Discover on-trend seasonal designs, limited-edition drops, and fashion-forward, layer-able fabrics with our Fashion collection.

Teaming luxurious, lightweight, flexible fabrics with supportive design and breathable comfort, our KDF dance-inspired collection enhances your every move.

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Kayanee Fit

Finding clothes that fit can be a challenge. So, we took a scientific approach to develop sizes and fit rules for your body.

We discovered that Saudi women struggle to find activewear that fits properly, because 90% of fitness apparel has been designed using a sizing system that doesn’t meet the needs of their bodies.

Through our groundbreaking study, we were able to create a unique sizing system and new measurements that ensure a much better fit for all women, no matter their shape or size.

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